While I love all my projects equally, some have survived better than others. Here they all are.


Working Notes (2023)
A service that turns a folder in the iOS Notes app into a website. This website is published with it.


Some of these still work but are probably irrelevant now; others are just defunct.
LGTMeme (2018)
Chrome extension that lets you comment on GitHub pull requests with memes. Never officially shipped on the Chrome extension store.
Styledash (2017)
Generates and maintains style guide for a UI library. Like Storybook, but examples are created in the app. Never shipped.
Jāas: JavaScript as a Service (2016)
A service to free you from having to write modern JavaScript.
How to Center in CSS (2015)
A CSS generator for every centering scenario you need. Not as useful anymore unless you are developing for Internet Explorer still somehow.
GitHub Issue by Tweeting (2015)
File GitHub issues by tweeting @githubissue.
How About No (2013)
Chrome extension to hide modals that block the page asking you to subscribe to email newsletters.
Pandora Songs You’ve Liked (2012)
Gives you a list of all the songs you’ve liked on Pandora’s site has changed enough that this does not work reliably anymore.
FUN+ (2012)
Manually submits a run to Nike+ for times when the app crashes.